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Buchi Comedian Biography, Education, Awards and Comedy career

Buchi Comedian Biography

Buchi Comedian born Onyebuchi Ojieh, is a Nigerian comedian, composer, writer, and actor from Delta State, Nigeria. He was born on April 4, 1979 in Kwale Ndokwa West, Delta State, Nigeria.

Buchi Comedian Education

Buchi attended D.S.C Nursery and Primary School and Ovwian Secondary School in Ovwian, Warri. After secondary school, he attended Bendel State University (now known as the Ambrose Ali University) in Edo state where he obtained two degrees, Executive Diploma in Criminology (EDCR) and an LLB.

Buchi Comedian Comedy career

Buchi began his comedy career in 2008, after he was introduced to comedian Tee-A, who invited Buchi to his show Tee-A Live N Naked. Show in Lagos. This led to meetings with other comedians, such as Ali Baba and Opa Williams, who gave Buchi a spot on his Nite of A 1000 Laughs show. Buchi has performed alongside other comedians, such as I Go Dye, I Go Save, Basketmouth, and Bovi, among others.

Buchi Comedian

Buchi Comedian

Buchi Comedian Awards

Standup Comedian – Comedy of the year
Youth Award – Comedy of the year

Buchi Comedian Interview

BUCHI today has become a force to reckon with in the comedy industry. In this interview with Florence Amagiya and Eunice Abutu, Buchi talks about his creative and spontaneous abilities and the journey so far…

Buchi Comedian interview Excerpts

Nigerians wants to know how and when you got into stand-up comedy

I got into Stand-up comedy in 1996, before then I use to do comedy back in Secondary School. It was seen then as mock news.

Can you tell Nigerians how you have employed your creativity to good effect?

My style of comedy employs me to always think on my feet and be creative. Education is always an edge in whatever you do; it has given me an edge and recognition real fast.

Have you always wanted to be a Comedian?

No, I wanted to be an Astronaut, but space is so far my sister.

How far do you want to go in Comedy?

I want to go all the way. There is no stopping in this one oh!

What was life like before Comedy?

Well, I wasn’t born with any kind of spoon. Maybe shewing stick sha! But I grew up in a humble home. We were never hungry although, there wasn’t much. It got worse when we lost our dad. Comedy in fact, put me through school! Life in comedy, I will say it’s a great life.

Who is your role model in that industry?

I have learned from everyone ahead of me even from those who look up to me! But l love Mike Epps, Chris Rock, Basket Mouth, Alli Baba.

You read Law back in the University and today you are a Comedian instead of practicing the almighty profession, why the extreme change?

I just followed my heart. I am doing what l enjoy doing and the money comes faster doing comedy.

What are the challenges in the comedy industry?

It is still a growing industry. I hope it will hit the main stream one day. It has too many fractions.

Nigerians wants to know if there’s a school for stand-up comedy organized for would- be comedians?

There is none for now.

What has changed since your debut on TV?

I cannot walk through a normal road without being recognized. More people recognize me! Who is Buchi? I am a simple man with simple interest.

Where are you from?

I am from Ndokwa West Local Government Area of Delta state, Nigeria.

Where did you grow up?

Well, I grew up in Warri, Delta state and Schooled in Edo state.

Would you branch into acting for the right money?

Yes! Even for the wrong reasons.

How do you combine comedy and family of course you are married?

I am not married yet. I manage well.

Are you in any relationship?

That’s my privacy. I do not want to talk about it.

What else do you want to do to impact on lives?

I want to be a philanthropist.

What is your form of relaxation?

I love watching movies! Movies ps3

What do you do other than stand- up comedy?

I act, write and direct

How do you keep fit?

I play football with my friends.

What would you not be caught wearing?

I would not be caught wearing a yellow dinner gown. ‘laughs’

What’s your best food?

Any good food, I love Banga soup

What are we expecting from you in the nearest future?

The best Sitcom, Comedy skits, movies.

What do you want to be remembered for?

I want to be remembered touching lives of people.

What advice do you have for would- be comedian?

Write and create your own jokes

Buchi Comedian Video