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Construction Companies in Nigeria

Construction Companies in Nigeria

There are a several construction companies in Nigeria. Here is a list of  the best construction companies in the country.

1. Buildstruct Advance Builder Ltd

Category: Construction Companies in Nigeria

Buildstruct Advance Builder Ltd. has established itself as a premier force in civil, residential and commercial construction. With a reputation of delivering top of the range services to a wide range of clientele (both large and small), Buildstruct Advance Builder Ltd. continues to expand and evolve into a stronger and better company that ensures customer satisfaction.In recent years the company have expanded our reach bringing our high levels of expertise with us.

For more information please visit: Buildstruct Advance Builder Ltd.

2. Sonshield Limited

Category: Construction Companies in Nigeria

Sonshield Limited is a company that deals with the provision of ultimate engineering construction services with a touch of excellence.They are committed to adherence to strict environmental policies and standards. This is to ensure minimal disruption of the natural ecosystem in all ramifications. Our safety policy is to create a safe and working environment for all staff and the community.Sonshield Limited has the capacity and knowledge to cope with estate developments as well as Turnkey projects that require a Multi-disciplinary approach.

For more information please visit: Sonshield Limited

3. Arab Contractors

Category: Construction Companies in Nigeria

The Arab Contractors (AC) is one of the leading construction companies in the Middle East and Africa. Their experience is widely diversified and covers a wide spectrum of the construction industry and its ancillary services including: Public buildings, bridges, roads, tunnels, airports, housing, water & sewage projects, wastewater treatment plants, power stations, dams, hospitals, sports buildings, restoration of monuments, irrigation, producing ready-mix concrete, shipbuilding, electromechanical projects, engineering consultancy, manufacturing and assembly of steel structures,…etc.

For more information please visit: Arab Contractors

4. Bethel Engineering Services

Category: Construction Companies in Nigeria

Founded in 1994 by David Whitaker, Bethel was originally an engineering company designing electrocoat and powdercoat systems. As the founders reputation in the marketplace grew so did his business. Soon, Mr. Whitaker was not only designing systems but also supervising the installation of his designs. Due to manufacturing restrictions in the metal fabrication industry, Mr. Whitaker was soon fabricating, as well as designing and supervising the installation of systems.

For more information please visit: Bethel Engineering Services

5. Dutum Company Limited

Category: Construction Companies in Nigeria

Dutum is a world class engineering and construction group with a reputation for technical excellence founded on more than 20 years of experience. The Company was incorporated under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 1999, with registration number: RC 140577. The company has been among the top rated Construction Companies in South West and Central parts of Nigeria.

For more information please visit: Dutum Company Limited

6. Julius Berger Nigeria Plc

Category: Construction Companies in Nigeria

Julius Berger Nigeria Plc (Julius Berger) is a leading construction company offering integrated solutions and related services. Julius Berger specializes in executing complex works that require the highest level of technical expertise and Nigeria-specific know how.Since its pioneer project in 1965 – the construction of the Eko Bridge in Lagos – Julius Berger has played a pivotal role in the development of Nigeria’s industrial and civil infrastructure.

For more information please visit: Julius Berger Nigeria Plc

7. Oat Construction Nigeria Ltd

Category: Construction Companies in Nigeria

Oat Construction Nigeria Limited is an indigenous Building and Civil Engineering Construction Company capable of handling every conceivable design in Building, Civil Engineering and Allied fields. The Company is rapidly growing, however their commitment and dedication towards exhibiting high skills in project delivery is constantly renewed to position the company adequately for effective service and project delivery within cost and stipulated time, as well as meeting the client’s request to have value for money and / or return of investment.

For more information please visit:  Oat Construction Nigeria Limited 

8. Mixta Nigeria

Mixta Nigeria is a subsidiary of Arm with a focus on real estate in vestment ,established in 2006. Currently,Mixta has successfully delivered over 3000 real estate assets which includes homes, retail outlets and many more.

For more information please visit: Mixta Nigeria