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Emeka Ike Biography, Age, Family, Marriage , Movies and Net Worth

Emeka Ike Biography

Emeka Ike is a Nigerian actor. He was born on 22 March 1967. He is one of the prolific actors who is known for his roles as playboy or Casanova in Nollywood movies. He also has been tagged as one of Nollywood’s ‘Bad boys’ due to playing movie roles of a man who gets physical, abuses women. Emeka Ike is ethnic Igbo, was born and raised in Lagos, in the family of Elder and Mrs. Nicolas Ike. The actor’s father was a pastor before he became late. Emeka Ike studied mechanical engineering at the University in Lagos, but he had a burning passion for acting. His first major role was in the movie ‘Deadly Affair’ in 1987.

Emeka Ike Age

He was born on 22 March 1967 in Lagos.

Emeka Ike and Family – Emeka Ike Wife

Emeka’s and his beautiful half-Dutch half-Nigerian wife had been married since the year 2000 . The family is blessed with 2 boys and 1 daugher.

Emeka Ike Marriage

Nollywood actor, Emeka Ike and his wife, Suzanne Emma, have parted ways. A Lagos Island Customary Court, South West Nigeria dissolved their 17 year-old marriage.

The three-man panel presided over by Chief Awo Awosola, dissolved the marriage in a judgment following a petition filed by Suzanne. Other members of the panel of judges were: Mrs. Opeyemi Olanrewaju and Mr Kehinde Jacob Olayinka.

Emeka Ike

Emeka Ike

“From all evidence before the court, the marriage between the couple had broken down, and it is irreconcilable, consequently, the marriage is hereby dissolved”, said the court. The court granted Emeka the custody of the four children, but ordered that Suzanne should be granted unhindered access to them. Either Suzanne or Emeka Ike has 30 days to appeal. The court also received a photocopy of a bank draft of N300 dated July 20, 2016, which the Suzanne used in refunding the bride price, paid to her family during their marriage. Suzanne in the petition filed before the court accused Emeka of incessant beating, molestation, and torture, which she said she could no longer endure. But Emeka in his response denied beating, molesting or torturing his wife. He urged the court not to dissolve the marriage. He also informed the court that his wife had moved out of their matrimonial home five times without any reason. He also told the court that the only time ‘devil’ entered their marriage, was when his wife paid for the children’s school fees.

Chika Ike and Emeka Ike

Emeka Ike and Chika Ike both claim they are not related biologically.

Emeka Ike Movies

He has acted in over 60 Nollywood movies among them;

  • After My Heart
  • Test My Heart
  • A Can of Worms
  • Love Affair
  • Stigma
  • Secret Act
  • Housemates and the man
  • The Snake Girl
  • My Last Wedding
  • Heavy Battle
  • Wind of Love
  • 100 Days in the Jungle
  • “Not Man Enough”

Emeka Ike Net Worth