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Francis Duru Biography, State of Origin, Wedding, Wife and Net Worth

Francis Duru Biography

Francis Duru is a Nigerian Actor, Master of Ceremony, Comedian, director, an Investor and an Entrepreneur. He was born in Cameroon and also grew up in Cameroon.

He completed both his primary and secondary school education in Cameroon. In 1996, he graduated from the University of Port Harcourt with a bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts. After his University education, he joined the Nigeria movie industry in the year 1996.

In 1997, he rose to fame after starring in the blockbuster movie “Rattle Snake” produced by Amaka Igwe. The movie portrays the effects of an uncaring society on a growing child and focus on the effect of child abuse and negligent. Francis Duru is one of the most gifted actors in Nollywood. He is very talented in acting and interpretation of roles. He has acted in over 100 movies which include Rattle Snake, Mama Sunday, Rampage, Total War, Dust to Dust, among others.

He has won several African Movie Awards such as most prominent actor in Nigeria & best actor in Nigeria.

Francis Duru

Francis Duru

Francis Duru Date of Birth

He was born on 27th April 1978

Francis Duru State of Origin

He is originally from Imo State, Nigeria.

Francis Duru Wedding, Marriage and Wife

He is currently married with kids and is currently based in Lagos State, Nigeria with his Family.

Francis Duru Movies

He has acted in over 100 movies which among others include;

  • Mama Sunday
  • Rattle Snake
  • Rampage
  • Sgt. Okoro
  • Total War
  • Dust to Dust

Francis Duru Net Worth

Things That You Might Not Know About Francis Duru

  1. A native of Imo state, Francis Duru was born in Cameroon.
  2. In 2007 Francis Duru received the United Nations Ambassador of Peace award for his positive influence on youths.
  3. Francis Duru studied Theatre Arts at the University of Port Harcourt in Rivers State.
  4. Francis Duru made his acting debut in 1989 in the film “Missing Mask,” directed by the late Ndubuisi Oko.
  5. Happily married Francis Duru is a proud father of three kids.

An Interview with Francis Duru

As a celebrity, how have you been able to keep a scandal free marriage?

Francis Duru: Celebrity is a title; anybody can be a celebrity once you excel in what you are doing. That title does not stop you from doing the things that life demands from you. The concept of broken marriages in entertainment industry is a falsehood those in the media are peddling, and it is wrong because we have broken marriages in other professions.

So why do you build things around what doesn’t exist on people who are mortgaging their lives to expose social ills? When you stretch your hand towards my eyes because I am a celebrity, my individuality shows up and that is when I punch your face because my individuality is bigger than celebrity.

My perspective on celebrity differs; it’s like a shirt that I wear whenever I want to. It must not come near my family if it’s not adding value. My fans can leave but my wife and children stays; they are my sustaining power.

My fans can destroy me but my family will always be there to welcome me and that is what gives me life.

Francis Duru Family

Francis Duru Wife and Children

Francis Duru Wife and Children

How about your family?

Francis Duru: My family is good; my daughter is in second year at Babcock University reading international law and diplomacy. My son is in JSS 2 and my last child is in grade two.

How will you compare your life now as a born again Christian and what it used to be?

There was never a time a Christ like attribute was not there. I was an altar boy and at no point was spirituality decimated or relegated from my background. As a Catholic, you were born into the Catholic tradition and you understood that Catholic tradition was very sacrosanct; very holy that you must follow the rules which keep you within the place of spirituality.

So, the God factor was never taken away from me. The only difference is that when I came back from Cameroon and I started doing things for myself, I went Pentecostal but does that change the fact that I respect the Catholic tradition? No! The Catholic tradition remains my spiritual foundation.

Was it easy adapting to Nigerian environment when you returned from Cameroon? Adaptability is one of the things human being must possess; you must be able to adapt to situations and climatic conditions. As somebody at the peak of teenage years, it was the period of adventure whereby you explored anything that came your way and those are some of the basic things.