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I Go Dye Biography, Comedy, Net Worth, Wife, Education and Awards

I Go Dye Biography

I Go Dye born Francis Agoda is a Nigerian comedian. He was born on 4 April 1979 in Abraka, Delta State, Nigeria. He is popularly known as I Go Dye or I Go Die. He has organized several international comedy shows, such as “Igodye Standing.”

I Go Dye Education Background

His elementary school days was at Ighogbadu Primary School and College of Commerce in Warri, Delta State,Nigeria. He had a creative disposition,been the zonal project manager of the Junior Engineering Technical Society (JET Club),while he also invented a helicopter, a hovercraft ship, a radio transmitter, and a battery table fan, which earned him a scholarship to study structural engineering at a university in New York.

I Go Die Comedy Career

He followed his passion,developing his comedy artistry, at a time when the comedy business was not trending as a career.However, Francis Agoda continued to pursue comedy, until he was invited to join the Press Literary Art Drama Debating Society (PLADDS). He soon became PLADD’s Programme Director.

After series of top flight entertainment presenting mock news on Bendel broadcasting TV, with his friend I Go Save, that platform was used to translate issues affecting the society.

Later, I go dye received a contract to perform in the first comedy club in Nigeria, the Prest Motel in Benin City, where he was paid one thousand Naira per show. He gained popularity on media stations. On one occasion, when he performed at the University Of Benin, Agoda met Baba Kome, who took him to meet Opa Williams the organizer of Night of A Thousand Laughs’

However, Agoda profile expanded when Azuh Arinze of National Encomium Magazine gave him an opportunity to perform at the Pre-Reel Award. Opa Williams, the organizer of Night of a Thousand Laughs, attended to watch Agoda’s performance,to have a glimpse to access his performance. After that, Williams signed Agoda to perform in the forthcoming Night of a Thousand Laughs 2000. Subsequently, he was also invited to perform at the REEL Award and the AMEN Award of 2000. Opa Williams after many years of outstanding performanances named I Go Dye the best /most outstanding comedian that featured in the show.

Over the years his performances earned him a place in Nigeria’s comedy industry. He became a sought-after comedian by events promoters in Europe.I Go Dye completed his first European tour with Ehizoya Golden Entertainment,later with The Nigerians in Diaspora Organization of Europe (NIDOE)-France and also performing during the UNESCO Cultural Week.

He has been featured in MTV Africa Music Awards. He has also performed in opening and closing shows of various notable musicians, including Akon, Boyz II Men, 50-Cent, Rick Ross, The Game, and Kelly Rowland.

I Go Dye Awards

I Go Dye has won various awards, including:

  1. African Best Comedian
  2. The Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation of Europe-SPAIN Award for his contribution to Nigerian culture and art
  3. The Nigeria Best Comedian Award (NEA AWARD)

I Go Dye Net Worth

He has a yearly income of N400 million. He owns Revamp Consruction Company, is into real estate and currently building a bottle water company, Franstel Natural Bottle Water. I Go Dye net worth is estimated to be about N2 billion

I Go Dye Wife – I Go Dye Wedding

I Go Dye is married to Stella Agoda

I Go Dye Wife

I Go Dye Wife

I Go Die Mother’s House – Video