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Lepacious Bose Biography, Age, Husband, Weight Loss Secret

Lepacious Bose Biography

Bose Ogunboye popularly known as Lepacious Bose is a Nigerian Comedienne, actress, and an entertainer. She graduated from the Univeristy of Ibadan with a degree in Theatre Arts. She started her career while in the University when she joined Afromedia organisation, the main person in the organisation graduated and she was chosen to replace the person.

Lepacious Bose Age

Lepacious Bose  is 41 years old as at April 17, 2017

Lepacious Bose Husband

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Lepacious Bose Weight Loss – Lepacious Bose weight loss secret

In an Instagram post Lepacious Bose gave out her weight loss weight loss secret/tips to ladies interested in losing weight. The post read, “To all my sisters who claim they can not lose weight because they have big bones, or because they are busty or even because of their tummy, listen! Anybody can lose weight. The secret is:”

  1. Make A Decision
  2. Focus On The Decision
  3. Fight For The Decision
  4. Be Determined
  5. Be Consistent
  6. Be Stubborn
  7. Ignore Negative Thoughts/Words/People
  8. Be Patient
  9. Work Hard
  10. Do Not Give Up!

In another post, she shared her ‘MISS‘ secret. The post read, “When people come to me for consultation the first thing I share with them is MISS! you see to achieve a successful weight loss you need to MISS!”

M- MOVEMENT: Weightloss is not possible by sitting or lying down all day. You need to move and keep busy. Be creative, park at a distance and walk to where you are going, do window shopping, take the stairs, walk to your colleague in the office instead of using the intercom, in short keep moving!
I- INTAKE – Watch what you put in your mouth, its very important to eat clean and watch your portions. make a food diary, write down every single thing you put in your mouth, you see the fact that you are writing it down makes you more aware and more conscious of the need to be careful.
S- STRESSLESS: Avoid stress with everything in your power, if a friend stresses you avoid him/her, if it’s office work around the person etc. Do whatever you need to do to avoid being stressed because then you will do comfort eating and your body will not respond to your dream.
S- SLEEP – you need to get your 7-8 hours sleep. There is no point in pinging and chatting late into the night if you know you have to be up at 6 am, you can not stay awake watching movies till 2am if you want to lose weight. You see when you stay up late there is the tendency that you will binge, also your body needs to reset itself and balance out your energy for the next day and most importantly when you are doing weight loss right and using the right supplements you actually lose weight while you sleep lol. Isn’t that amazing? Now don’t go back to bed and sleep the whole day telling people I said you lose weight while sleeping lol this only applies to your night sleep.

Lepacious Bose New Look

Lepacious Bose new look

Lepacious Bose new look

Lepacious Bose – Video