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List of NGOs in Nigeria

List of NGOs in Nigeria

NGOs in Nigeria: The following is a comprehensive list of NGOs in Nigeria. A list of Non-Government Organizations in Nigeria.

1. Children of Farmers Club

Category : NGOs in Nigeria

Children of The Farmers Club (C.F.C) is a Non- Governmental and Non- Profit making Voluntary Organization established to assist the youths and women in acquiring and developing life skills, modern farming methods and enterprising attitude that would sustain them as productive members of our interdependent community. The club was established in 1993 to checkmate the mass migration of the youths from rural agricultural and tourism potential communities to the cities for greener pasture, and, is registered with the Anambra State Ministry of Youth and Sports, Federal Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development, as well as the Corporate Affairs Commission with Reg. No CAC/IT/NO: 30398.In 1999, the club was sponsored by the Anambra State Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs and Youth Development and, CFC emerged with the prestige of winning the African Prize For Year 2000 Commonwealth Youth Service Award in Lusaka Zambia, with the model, “Agro Technocraft Village Project.

For more information please visit: Children of The Farmers Club

2. Initiative for Community Development

Category : NGOs in Nigeria

The Initiative for Community Development (ICD) was founded in 2001 but was duly registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission in 2004 with (RC No 17187) and also by the National Planning Commission in 2010.ICD have undertaken projects with several organizations such as SPDC, Chevron, NDDC, Rivers State Sustainable Development Agency, Rivers State Ministry of Health, Delta State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission, Federal Capital Development Authority, Nigerian Police Force, Defense Headquarters,ECOWAS Commission, World Bank (Washington DC) National Orientation Agency, Oil and Gas Institutions Foundation, amongst others.

For more information please visit:  Initiative for Community Development

3. New Nigeria Foundation

Category : NGOs in Nigeria

New Nigeria Foundation (NNF) was incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in November 2000 as a non-governmental organisation to promote sustainable community development initiatives through public-private partnerships.New Nigeria Foundation (NNF) mobilizes resources from international development and UN Agencies, Nigeria private and public institutions, federal and state governments and other sources that may be available to undertake development activities.

For more information please visit: New Nigeria Foundation 

4. Pathfinder International

Category : NGOs in Nigeria

Pathfinder is driven by the conviction that all people, regardless of where they live, have the right to decide whether and when to have children, to exist free from fear and stigma, and to lead the lives they choose. Since 1957, they have partnered with local governments, communities, and health systems to remove barriers to critical sexual and reproductive health services.

For more information please visit : Pathfinder International

5. Rahi Medical Outreach

Category : NGOs in Nigeria

The RAHI Medical Outreach (acronym RAHI) is a private, health Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded in the year 2000 as a Community Base Organization (CBO) with the aim of taking healthcare to the people of rural Africa and specific reference to riverine communities in the Niger Delta Region, Nigeria. We are registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (C.A.C.) under part ‘C’ of Incorporated Trustees of the Companies and Allied Matters Decree as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with the name RAHI Medical Outreach. However we maintain our acronym, RAHI since it’s the name we are known within our local populace in Africa.

For more information please visit : Rahi Medical Outreach 

6. Torjir-Agber Foundation

Category : NGOs in Nigeria

Torjir-Agber Foundation was registered in 2009 by the Corporate Affairs Commission under Part “C” of the Companies and Allied Matters Act 1990 as a not-for-profit, community-driven development and non-governmental charitable organization committed to uplifting the standard of living of the less privileged and vulnerable in the rural societies with a focus on grassroots development, empowerment and capacity building.

For more information please visit :Torjir-Agber Foundation 

7. Women Environmental Programme

Category : NGOs in Nigeria

Women Environmental Programme (WEP) is an NGO with United Nations ECOSOC Consultative Status, Observer Status to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and Observer Status to United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

For more information please visit : Women Environmental Programme

8. Women Aid collective

Category : NGOs in Nigeria

WACOL was founded in November 1997 with its headquater in Enugu and branch offices in Port Harcourt, and the Federal Capital Territory Abuja, Nigeria. It is registered with the Coporate Affairs Commission as a charitable organisation (N0 RC 388132). WACOL exists to help women and young people whose rights are threatend and / or have been denied and who are subjected to phyisical,mental, and/or sexual abuse. The aim of WACOL is to increase legal protection and fight for better choices for abused women and children, facilitate flow of information and experiences between organisation, and develop appropriate Information, Education and Communication materials that will be used in advocacy for human rights of women and young people. At the moment WACOL maintains a combined staff strength of forty-five spread across our six offices.

For more information please visit : Women Aid collective

9. Rural Health Initiative

Category : NGOs in Nigeria

The Rural Health Initiative started in Shawano County in 2004. It was the outcome of more than a year of meetings involving farm families, the UW Extension, Agri-businesses, healthcare systems such as ThedaCare and Shawano Medical Center, public health, veterinarian services, school systems, and others concerned with the farming community. In the year 2012, the Rural Health Initiative expanded services to Outagamie and Waupaca Counties. This is a partnership between private and public agencies. The Initiative is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization, and is a community supported program.

For more information please visit : Rural Health Initiative 

10. Afri-Growth Foundation

Category : NGOs in Nigeria

AfriGrowth Foundation is a Non-profit organization committed to enhancing growth in needy communities. The organization was founded on the belief that one of the greatest challenges we face in the world is poverty, we focus on eliminating poverty by initiating and supporting empowerment programs which develop techniques for self-sufficiency. AfriGrowth Foundation is registered under part c of the Company and Allied Matters Act, laws of the Federation of Nigeria, decree no. I 1990.

For more information please visit :  Afri-Growth Foundation

  1. The Havids Centre for environment and Development
  2. Afro Centre for Dev. Of Peace & Justice
  3. Africa Initiative for Education and Economic Development
  4. Global Women Empowerment Association (GLOWEM)
  5. I.C.Y.E.
  6. Initiative for Basic Rights of Nigeria Citizens (IBRONC)
  7. Centre for Community Empowerment for underprivileged
  8. Voluntary Work camps Association of Nigeria
  9. Grace Center
  10. Female Leadership Forum
  11. BAOBAB for Women’s Human Right
  12. Stelben Foundation on VVF/STIs
  13. Women Solace & Enablement Foundation
  14. Civil Society Coalition for Poverty Eradication
  15. Women Environmental Programme (WEP)
  16. Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Center (CISLAC)
  17. Research and Training for Real Empowerment
  18. Aya International Development Indigenous Knowledge Initiative Nigeria
  19. Challenged Children Foundation (3CF)
  20. Center for Peace building and Socio Economic Resources Development
  21. Global Network for Peace and Anticorruption Initiative
  22. Center for Care of Vulnerable and Development Initiatives
  23. Center for Organizational and professional Ethics (COPEAFRICA)
  24. Kanem Bornu Human Development Association (KABHUDA)
  25. Vantaged Teems Center
  26. Poverty Alleviation for the Poor Initiative
  27. Health & Social Service Initiative
  28. Afri-Growth Foundation
  29. Ken Nnamani Centre for Leadership Dev.
  30. Africa Safe Water Foundation
  31. Grassroots Community Development Initiative
  32. Foundation for Promotion of Good Health
  33. Local & General Agricultural Dev. Foundation
  34. Africans in Distress Care Trust (ADICT)
  35. Women Center for Self Empowerment and Dev.
  36. Life Advocacy for Unhealthy Social Vice Initiative
  37. Dunns Rural Industrialization Programme (DRIP)
  38. Agency for African Families in Distress (AAFID)
  39. Society for Community Development
  40. Face Pam
  41. Global Aid for Niger Delta
  42. Poverty Alleviation Trust Foundation
  43. AFRICT Empowerment Initiative
  44. Zion Orphanage and Widows Home
  45. Global Access Foundation
  46. Shehu Musa Yar’adua Center
  47. Center for Skill and Technology Acquisition
  48. Escxorl Education and Childcare Foundation
  49. African Women Agri-Business Network
  50. Center for Hospital & Health Service Improvement.
  51. Association for Waste Recovery & Renewable Energy
  52. Man O’ Association of Nigeria
  53. Association for Peace of Development
  54. Faith Based Aids Awareness Initiative
  55. Eureka Capacity Development Foundation
  56. Baumin International Foundation
  57. Safe Womb International Foundation
  58. All Youth Association of Nigeria
  59. Center for Gender Values & Culture
  60. Foundation for Correction of Moral Decadence
  61. Society for Maternal and Child Support Initiative in Africa
  62. African Youth Rehabilitation Initiative
  63. African Youths Empowerment Network International
  64. Municipal Youth vanguard
  65. Diabetes and Hypertension Health Society
  66. Foundation for Peace
  67. Center for Environment & Development Campaign and Treaties
  68. Agnes Nex Millennium Health Initiative
  69. Amen Health Care & Empowerment Foundation
  70. Leadership Center for Peace Intercity and Transformation
  71. Liberty & Hope Initiative
  72. Inri Widows Foundation
  73. Attitudinal Healing Centre
  74. Center for Rural Empowerment of Nigeria
  75. The Albino Foundation
  76. Adolescent Health & Information project
  77. Initiators of Awareness and Development (IAD)
  78. International Human Rights Protection Initiative
  79. International Volunteer Service
  80. Africa Women Leaders Think Tank
  81. Women Development Association for Self Sustenance (WODASS)
  82. Progressive Initiative for Educational Development
  83. Family Health Care Foundation (FAHCI)
  84. Organization of Justice for Equity Sustenance
  85. Women Centre for Self Empowerment & Development
  86. Organized Center for Empowerment & Advocacy in Nigeria (OCEAN)
  87. Education as a vaccine Against Aids
  88. Conscientising Against Injustices & Violence
  89. Global Hope for Women & Children
  90. Centre for Citizens with Disability
  91. Neighborhood Care-Well Foundation
  92. Old Peoples Support International
  93. Total Care Unit
  94. Ven Dr. Josiah Alozie Foundation
  95. Action Aid for the Unemployed
  96. Global Peace Development
  97. Society for Telemedicine and E-Health in Nigeria
  98. Lygel Youths & Leadership Initiatives
  99. Rural Urban Development
  100. Community Health Enlightenment & Development
  101. Royal integrity & Accountability Organization
  102. Kano Development Projects
  103. Theresa Karis Foundation
  104. African Business Round Table
  105. Excellence Foundation International Inc
  106. Youth Mentoring and Orientation Initiative
  107. Society for employment and Self Reliance
  108. Center for Transformation of the Under Privileged
  109. Society for African Safety & Development
  110. Joint National Association of Persons with Disabilities
  111. We care Welfare Organization Nigeria
  112. Foundation for Rural Urban Integration
  113. African Liberty and Hope initiative (ALHI)
  114. African Citizens Development Foundation
  115. Fair Trade Handicraft Foundation (FHF)
  116. Support Health and Education for Development (SHED)
  117. Majesty Literacy Foundation
  118. Bioresources Development & Conservation Programme
  119. Guidance & Counseling Dev. Association (GCDA)
  120. Society for African Safety & Development
  121. Women Aid collective (WACOL)
  122. Network of Caring Women
  123. Coalition of Human Rights Org.
  124. Oha-na-Eze Women Empowerment Association
  125. Rural Widows and Orphans Foundation Inc.
  126. Foundation for Leadership & Education Development
  127. Apiworld International
  128. Gateway to health and Life
  129. Center for National Unity and Representative Democracy
  130. Gantys Aid for Widows, Orphans & Needy
  131. African Women Initiative Against Violence & Poverty
  132. Restore
  133. Center for Responsive Leadership and Transparency
  134. Poverty Alleviation for the Poor Initiative
  135. Women & Development Movement
  136. Society for Rurual Women & Youth Development
  137. Demonstration School for Deaf Children
  138. Youth Enhancement Organisation
  139. Youth Empowerment Foundation
  140. Hope for the Village Child Foundation
  141. Albert Caayo Foundation
  142. Dev. Empowerment Society International
  143. Relief Peace and Development Inititatives
  144. Global Network Against Trafficking in Women and Children
  145. People Against HIV/AIDs in Barack
  146. Teenage Girls Empoweermnet Centre
  147. Associatio of Professional Women Accountant of Nig.
  148. African youths International Dev. Foundation
  149. Halt Aids
  150. Youth Initiative for Advo. Growth & Advancement
  151. IMPROVED Action for Commmunity Transformation
  152. Action Family Foundation
  153. Child Labour & Human Trafficking Relief Initiative
  154. International Forum for Peace in the Niger Delta
  155. Peace and conflict Resolution Organisation
  156. Community Development Foundation
  157. Safinatu Buhari Foundation

    List of NGOs in Nigeria

    List of NGOs in Nigeria Photo

  158. Benedict Ekanem Foundation
  159. Naturework International Research Institute
  160. Community Life Project
  161. Global Youths Awareness and Development Initiative
  162. Centre for Peace & Conflict Studies
  163. Remar Nigria
  164. Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta (PIND)
  165. CSO Consultation
  166. Youth for Peace and Development in Niger Delta
  167. Civil Society for HIV/AIDS in Nigeria
  168. African Business Round Table
  169. Civic Duties Awarness Initiatives
  170. Poverty Alleviation Network and Self Dependence Initiative
  171. Coalition for Change in the FPRT in Nigeria
  172. Fantsuam Foundation
  173. Mass medical Mission
  174. Reuben A. Okoro Foundation
  175. Sir Emeka Offor Foundation
  176. Excellent World Foundation
  177. Communication Development Initiative (CDI)
  178. Dave Nnabuife Inyere Foundation
  179. John Hopkings Public Health in Nigeria Initiative
  180. La-Shah Foundation
  181. Senior Citizens & Elders Forum Nigeria
  182. Association of NGOs and CSOS of Nigeria
  183. African Development Initiative For poverty Alleviation
  184. Liftup Care for the Needy Foundation
  185. Support Physically Challenged
  186. New Hpe Aency
  187. Integreated Dev. Services
  188. Center for Economic Viability in Africa
  189. Center for Economic Viability in Africa
  190. Centre for Leadership Support and Social Progress (CLSSP)
  191. 202 NPC/NGO-IC/S.202/1 Integrated Development Services (IDS)
  192. Amacks Children Develompment Organisation
  193. Sev-an Foundation
  194. Earth Push – Ltd/GTE
  195. Women and Children Economy Development
  196. Global Women and Youth’S
  197. Right to Education for Development
  198. Mantel Hope Foundation
  199. Federaion of Nigeria Youth Cooperative
  200. Christ Cares International Mission
  201. Sheikh Ahmad Al-Hamaweey Islamic Foundation
  202. Ummah Support Initiative (USI)
  203. Women of Substance Interntioanl Organization
  204. Joint National Associatio of Persons with Disabilities
  205. Women, Youth and Children Upliftment Foundation
  206. Youth Empowerment and Community aids free Initiative
  207. Committee For The Support Of The Dignity Of Women
  208. Girls Power Initiative
  209. Great Women Multipurpose Co-Operative Society
  210. Lift Above Poverty Organization
  211. Young Girls Foundation
  212. Gender Care Initiative (GCI)
  213. Emmanuel Children Foundation
  215. Women’s Consortium of Nigeria (WOCON)
  216. The Real Woman Foundation
  217. Women Trafficking and Child Labour Eradication
  218. Save the Child Initiative
  219. Women’s Consortium of Nigeria
  220. Ebunoluwa Foundation
  221. Project Alert
  222. International Reproduction Rights Research Action Group
  223. Women of Light Foundation (WOLF)
  224. Child Rights Brigade International
  225. Society for the Empowerment of Young Persons
  226. Life Helpers Initiative
  227. Network for Justice and Democracy (NGO)
  228. Rehoboth Homes and Skills Acquisition Centre
  229. Patriotic Citizen Initiatives

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