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Nura M Inuwa Biography, Albums, Songs and Acid Attack

Nura M Inuwa Biography

Nura M Inuwa: Nura Musa Inuwa is a singer, well known for his Voice and sensational songs. He is involved in the Hausa film industry, that is also know as Kannywood. He was born in Gwamaja quarters of Kano metropolis. He attended Masaka Special Primary School and Gwamaja II Secondary School. Then started singing for a living. He started singing in the year 2007.

Apart from the movie songs, he also composes songs for weddings. He has become a household name in most Hausa communities. His voice is heard in movies such as ‘Aisha Humaira’, ‘Rai Dai’, ‘Zurfin Ciki’, and a host of others.

Inuwa is also a film producer under his outfit, Ab-Nur Multimedia, Kano. So far, he has produced over 10 successful films, among others, ‘Aisha Humaira’, ‘Salma’, ‘Basma’, featuring prominent A-grade actors like Ali Nuhu, Nafisa Abdullahi, Sadiq Sani Sadiq, Jamila Nagudu, and Adam A. Zango.

Nura M Inuwa Acid Attack

In an interview, he had this to say about the day he almost lost his eyes when some wicked people poured acid on his face. “One day somebody called me, about 9-10 in the night, and said he was from Abuja and came to Kano purposely to see me so that we could discuss about a song which he wanted me to compose for his upcoming wedding.

Nura M Inuwa

Nura M Inuwa

He told me he will make a deposit that night and would send me the balance later through my bank account. He described a location for me to meet him so that I could collect the deposit. When I reached there, I saw light but there was no building, then I called him on phone and he said he was already close to me I should turn and meet him. Immediately I turned my face, somebody holding a Jerrycan full of acid poured it on my face and took off. Up till now there was no arrest and only the person that did it that knows his motive. I don’t know him and one thing I know is that I will never forgive him because he almost rendered me blind.

I was admitted at Murtala Muhammed Hospital for one month for treatment and surgery. Later I continued visiting the National Eye Centre in Kaduna to restore my sight. Thank God, I am what you are seeing now in dark glasses, with traces of the acid burn on my face. But, honestly, I am very grateful to God that I am seeing perfectly and my face is 90 percent okay.”

Nura M Inuwa Albums

  • Rigar Aro – 2015
  • Soyayya – 2015
  • Afra – 2015

Nura M Inuwa Music – Nura M Inuwa Songs

  • Yar Amana
  • Bayan Rai
  • Soyayya
  • Afra
  • Kama Da Wane
  • Basaja
  • Al’amarin So
  • Wacce nake So
  • Mai Sauraro Jingle
  • Mai Gadon Zinari
  • Bakin Alkalami
  • Hangen Dala
  • Salma
  • Kai Amarya
  • Hindu
  • Rigar Aro (feat. Billy O)
  • Karshen Zance (feat. Adam Zango)
  • Alkuki
  • Sangaya
  • Sai Hakuri
  • Gudan Jini
  • Dare
  • Lamari Na Duniya
  • Tsananin Rabo
  • Yan Kudu
  • Maganar Kauna
  • Hauwa’u
  • Zeenat
  • Jira
  • Tsintuwar Mage
  • Kalmar So
  • Ya Zanyi
  • Ruhi
  • Surrin Kishiya
  • Babban Gida
  • Dama
  • Yara
  • Gaskiya Tafi Kobo
  • Ameera
  • Intro
  • Ki Hakuri jingle
  • Nagane Duniya
  • So Makaho
  • Zara
  • Fahimtar Fuska

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