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Pharmaceutical Companies in Nigeria

Pharmaceutical Companies in Nigeria

The following is a list of all Pharmaceutical Companies in Nigeria

1. Drugfield Pharmaceuticals Limited

Category: Pharmaceutical Companies in Nigeria

Drugfield Pharmaceuticals Limited, was founded in 1991 and commenced production in 1993 as a drug manufacturing outfit after approval and due recognition of relevant agencies and bodies including the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) and the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN). From an initial product dosage form of dermatological antibiotic and antifungal preparations, our facility now houses additional dosage form manufacturing areas for antibiotic dry syrups, capsules, tablets, ointments, creams, gels, powders, eye/ear drops, small and large volume liquid injectable preparations, nasal drops amongst others. In all modesty, we pride ourselves as the highest product portfolio carrier in the industry with over 140 registered product range.

For more information please visit: Drugfield Pharmaceuticals Limited

2. Dana Drugs

Category: Pharmaceutical Companies in Nigeria

Over the years, Dana Drugs has obtained NAFDAC’s seal of approval on more than 27 products to complement the existing pharma product range; Formulations, Antibiotics as well as surgical products were added to its portfolio – produced by reputed overseas pharmaceutical companies.

For more information please visit: Dana Drugs

3. Bond Chemical Industries Limited

Category: Pharmaceutical Companies in Nigeria

Bond Chemical Industries Limited is a Nigeria based pharmaceutical company with over 40 years of experience focusing on value medicine and a vaccine to provide quality needs.

For more information please visit: Bond Chemical Industries Limited

4. Chemiron International Limited

Category: Pharmaceutical Companies in Nigeria

Chemiron International Limited, formerly known as Chemech Laboratories Nigeria Limited, was established in 1987 and is a household brand today.

For more information please visit: Chemiron International Limited

5. Gemini Pharma Limited

Category: Pharmaceutical Companies in Nigeria

Gemini Pharmaceuticals (Nig.) Ltd manufactures a wide range of products ranging from cardiovascular drugs to anti-infective drugs. All the raw materials especially the active ingredients are purchased through approved certificate from abroad.

For more information please visit: Gemini Pharma Limited

6.  Supreme Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Category: Pharmaceutical Companies in Nigeria

Supreme Pharmaceuticals Ltd (SPL) was established in 2003 through the take-over of APCCO Limited (established in 1979) with 80 formulations of various essential drugs in the market and 70 more in the pipeline for launching. Supreme Pharmaceuticals Limited (SPL) is registered as a private limited company (PLC) with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms, Dhaka.

For more information please visit: Supreme Pharmaceuticals Ltd

7. Swiss Pharma Nigeria Limited

Category: Pharmaceutical Companies in Nigeria

swiss pharma nigeria Limited (swipha) manufactures, markets, and distributes pharmaceutical products that meet international standards.

For more information please visit: swiss pharma nigeria Limited

8. Reals Pharmaceuticals Limited

Category: Pharmaceutical Companies in Nigeria

Reals Group started as Reals Pharmaceuticals Limited, a company that commenced its operation as the local scientific and marketing office of Zeneca Pharmaceuticals Limited, now AstraZeneca U.K. Reals Pharmaceuticals Limited was one of the first pharmaceutical companies to successfully commence the local scientific and marketing office in Nigeria.

For more information please visit: Reals Pharmaceuticals Limited

9. Neros Pharmaceuticals Limited

Category: Pharmaceutical Companies in Nigeria

NEROS Pharmaceuticals Limited was incorporated as a limited liability company, on 5th of August, 1986 with RC NO 87634 and she started operations on JUNE 1989 as an, importer and distributor of pharmaceuticals products. It is wholly an indigenous company founded by Dr. Poly I. Emenike, Ph.D, MON who is the Chairman/CEO.

For more information please visit: Neros Pharmaceuticals Limited

10. Nigerian German Chemicals

Category: Pharmaceutical Companies in Nigeria

NGC is one of Nigeria’s premier manufacturer and distributor of pharmaceutical and consumer products. The company was formed in 1964 under the name “Hoechst Products Nigeria Limited” to market Pharmaceuticals and industrial chemicals.

For more information please visit: Nigerian German Chemicals

List of Pharmaceutical Companies in Nigeria

  1. Aboseldehyde limited
  2. Afrab-Chem Limited
  3. Afrik Pharmaceuticals Limited
  4. Amexco Pharmaceutical Company Limited
  5. BCN Limited
  6. Capstone Natural Health Center Nigeria
  7. Carrot-Top Drugs Limited
  8. Churchbells Pharma Nigeria Limited
  9. Dizpharm Nigeria Limited
  10. Doyin Pharma (Nig) Limited
  11. Embassy Pharmaceutical And Chemicals Limited
  12. Emzor Pharmaceuticals Limited
  13. Evans Medical Limited
  14. Farmex Meyer Limited
  15. Fidson Healthcare Limited
  16. Food & Pharma Nig. Limited
  17. GlaxoSmithkline Nigeria
  18. Greenlife Pharmaceuticals Limited
  19. Gateway Pharm. Company Limited
  20. HealthPlus Limited
  21. Interpharma Industries Nigeria Limited
  22. Jagal Pharmaceutical
  23. Jimah Yusuf Pharm Industries Limited
  24. Justeen Pharmaceuticals Limited.
  25. Leady-Pharma Industries Limited
  26. May & Baker Nigeria Limited
  27. Mopson Pharmaceuticals Limited
  28. Morison Industries Limited
  29. Neimeth International Pharmaceuticals Limited
  30. New Healthway Pharmaceuticals Limited
  31. Novel Drugs Limited
  32. Orange Drugs Limited
  33. Pharchem Industries Limited
  34. Ranbaxy Nigeria Limited
  35. Silva Hill Pharma Limited
  36. SKG Pharma Limited (former Wellcome Nigeria Limited)
  37. Summit Healthcare Pharm. Limited
  38. Taylek Drugs Company Limited
  39. Tisco Industries Limited
  40. Topway Pharmaceuticals Limited
  41. Ugolab Production Limited
  42. Ulticare-Lyka Pharma. Limited.
  43. Unique Pharmaceuticals Limited
  44. Vitabiotics Nigeria Limited
  45. Zoomota Nigeria Limited
Pharmaceutical Companies in Nigeria

Pharmaceutical Companies in Nigeria