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Ayanda Mabulu Biography and Paintings

Ayanda Mabulu Biography

Ayanda Mabulu was born in 1981 in King William’s Town, Eastern Cape, South Africa.He is a South African artist known for his paintings.

Ayanda Mabulu paintings

His 2010 painting, Ngcono ihlwempu kunesibhanxa sesityebi (Xhosa translation: Better poor than a rich puppet), depicted various international political figures in the nude, including South African president Jacob Zuma.

The painting received little critical comment at the time, but was rediscovered as part of the political controversy surrounding fellow South African Brett Murray’s painting (The Spear) in May 2012.

Mabulu criticised Zuma and the ANC for their response to Murray’s satirical painting – and that of the Nazareth Baptist (Shembe) Church, who called for Murray to be “stoned to death”. He questioned their motives in attacking it, having ignored Mabulu’s own work – which depicts Zuma alongside Desmond Tutu, Robert Mugabe, Barack Obama and Nelson Mandela in similar fashion

Ayanda Mabulu Zuma – Gupta Painting

In 2016 he released a new painting of President Zuma performing a sexual act on Atul Gupta, the wealthy Indian-South African business man who has been accused of influence over the president. The painting was accused of being extreme and condemned by many.

Zuma - Gupta Painting

Zuma – Gupta Painting

Ayanda Mabulu Zuma – Mandela Painting

In April 2017 he releaseda painting depicting President Zuma engaged in sex with Nelson Mandela In the image which almost went viral, the respected Mandela is sitting on Zuma with being ‘fucked’ while caressing his nipples with a smile on Zuma’s face. Ayanda described the image as portraying what
Zuma has done to Mandela’s legacy.

Both the ANC (the party of the President and of Mandela) and the The Nelson Mandela Foundation reacted to the painting by releasing statements. However, in a remarkable approach, both’s statement combined their condemnation with upholding the need for freedom of expression.

The Nelson Mandela Foundation said:″The Foundation would like to express that it respects Mr
Mabulu’s right to freedom of expression. We however find this painting distasteful.″

The ANC on its part used a stronger language depicting the image as ″crossing the bounds of rationality to degradation, exploiting the craft of creative art for nefarious ends.”

Zuma - Mandela Painting

Zuma – Mandela Painting


Ayanda Mabulu Photo

Ayanda Mabulu

Ayanda Mabulu

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