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Mihlali Ndamase Biography

Mihlali Ndamase was born and raised in KwaZulu Natal in South Africa. She is a South African makeup artist who is popular for her Youtube make up tutorial.

Mihlali Ndamase Biography

Mihlali Ndamase was born and raised in KwaZulu Natal in South Africa. She is a South African makeup artist who is popular for her Youtube make up tutorial.

Mihlali Ndamase  Education Background

She is a student at Leaders In The Science of Fashion (LITSOF) undertaking a BA degree in Marketing, Branding and Fashion Media.

Mihlali Ndamase  Career

She is a professional part time make up artist who is still under MAC training. She built her brand through her youtube channel and instagram where she provides tips and tutorials on how to master beauty skills.

Mihlali Ndamase  Interview

Question: For the benefit of our audience who may not know you very well can you tell us about yourself?

Mihlali Ndamase: I am a student at LISOF (Leaders In the Science Of Fashion). It’s a private institution based in Johannesburg. I’m doing a BA in Marketing, Fashion Media and Fashion Merchandising. I’ve always been a girly girl. Makeup, fashion and all of that good stuff always were intriguing to me so I do feel I am heading in the right direction.

Question: I gather that you are a very successful model, how did that come to be?

Mihlali Ndamase: I am not a model. I did take a modelling course when I was 14 years old under Ice Models, had a photoshoot here and there, but that’s where it ended. I wanted to focus on school, and if I was still interested in modelling I’d pursue it when I’m older. Turns out I don’t meet the height requirements now. I did recently have a private shoot with Unam Ntantala, but that was because he asked to work with me and I happened to have the perfect dress for the shoot. (Miami Infinity dress from Bloomint Apparel).

Question: You are known as a very popular Model in South Africa correct me if am wrong, where do you get your inspiration to type?

Mihlali Ndamase: I get my inspiration from all successful women, women who hold themselves down. I was raised by a single parent, my aunts and gran played a huge role in my life. My family gave me all the keys to work towards being the greatness I am destined to be, but now it’s my responsibility to ensure I get there. I really do not see myself living a mediocre life, so I just keep on going.
Question: How has being a model changed your life?

Having an influence on social media hasn’t changed my life in anyway mainly, because I’ve never been one who pays attention to how many likes one has and so forth. However it definitely does come with opportunities such as these. I never thought a UK magazine would be asking to interview me. I’m currently working with various fashion labels they send me goodies, I wear and post in their garments. But it’s about time I take advantage of the support I receive and possibly start my own business. We’ll see what 2016 has in store for me.

Question: what other opportunities have presented themselves from modelling?

Mihlali Ndamase: As I mentioned me promoting people’s clothing lines, also photographers asking to work with me. I also modelled for a new mobile network that’s being introduced in South Africa called Satel Mobile. This all helps grow myself as brand.
Question How do you handle the industry, It can be female orientated at times is that challenging?

There definitely is ‘silent competition’ amongst females. I say silent, because nobody wants to be open about being bitter or envious about somebody else. I’ve had a few people come to me and tell me that some girl said this and some girl said that. 110% of the time it’s not true, because these people do not know me on a personal level. I’m not one who puts my personal life out there, and I have very few friends. Then again it doesn’t affect me much my focus is on the positive, because I really do appreciate those that are so supportive and loving towards me and everything I do.

Question: What do you do at your spare times?

Mihlali Ndamase: In my spare time I usually relax at my place with my girls, and exchange good laughs or we go to the mall. Now and again we check out the club scene and have a good time. I enjoy being with people I’m close to, I’m not always one for big crowds.
Question: Are you a Patriotic South African?

I would say I am patriotic when it comes to music, I do support local artists more than I used to in the past. I appreciate our music more now, but with regards to fashion not really. I don’t go the extra mile of wearing only South African brands. However that does not change the fact that I am proudly South African.

Question: Give us an example of when you thought outside of the box relating to your career?

Mihlali Ndamase: My current studies I would say are out of the box. I was raised in a traditional home where it is believed that you will be financially successful if you study medicine or law. So it took a lot of convincing for my parents to allow me to study what I am today.

Question: Does your act only accommodate South African culture?

Mihlali Ndamase: Being that my main interests are beauty and fashion no. These are a global language, I am inspired by many women around the world when it comes to fashion so there are no limitations.
Question: What challenges do you have in combining your career and family life together?

Right now there aren’t many challenges being that I am a student, and I plan on starting my own makeup business this year. I am a certified makeup artist too. I think the challenge I am yet to face is having to balance my studies, and my soon to be career. I know it will be demanding, but with good time management skills all will be well.

Question: Are you married or is there a significant other?

Mihlali Ndamase: There is a significant other. I’m not married yet, but I definitely want to get married one day.

Source: MYTrinity Magazine

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