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Sechaba Pali Biography

Sechaba Pali is a South African gospel musician who is known for his controversial life style from rape charges, fighting with his record label.

Sechaba Pali Awards

  • 2010: Best Traditional Gospel Album during the South African Music Awards.
  • 2011: Best Traditional Gospel Album during the South African Music Awards.

Sechaba Pali Wedding –  Sechaba Pali Wife

He tied the knot during an intimate white wedding to his girlfriend of seven months, Tumi Makapalla in 2018. Sechaba who was previously engaged met Tumi at an event in Lesotho in 2017. Speaking to Move! magazine, Sechaba said he wanted to have a private ceremony surrounded by his closest people. Sechaba also set the record straight on reports that he was previously married, saying that they were engaged, not married.

He was previously engaged to Julia Pali, she has stood with him through all the trials. In March 2014 she was accussed of vandalising their furniture and leaving her matrimonial home. Julia denied slashing the sofa but Sechaba confirmed that she slashed the furniture out of anger since it was around the time he was accussed of raping a minor.

Sechaba Pali Fight with record label

He launched a broadside against his former boss and owner of Zuzmuz Music, Tshepo Nzimande, accusing him of leaking the story about his house slashing the furniture.

“Tshepo came to my house before I could clean up to talk about music. That is when he learnt of the vandalism. I normally do not have the energy to entertain him, but now he is jeopardising my marriage. My wife has had enough of these stories.”

Sechaba Pali Rape Case

On 18th January 2012 he was accussed of having consexual sex with a 14 year old girl at Tweespruit. He also had the consexual sex the following day on the 19 January in Welkom.

In October 2013 he pleaded guilty of the charges and was sentensed to five years imprisonment solely suspended. He was told to never work with children in his entire life. He was also told that in the next five years he must never appear before any court on the same offence.

Sechaba Pali Assault by Chief’s men

On 18th September 2017 Sechaba Pali was assaulted while visiting his wife,Maletsatsi Makapalla in Khubetsoana, Maseru in Lesotho.This happened after Makapalla questioned her “unlawful eviction”, along with her sibling, in early 2000.She says that the eviction was endorsed by the chief.

Pali said a group of men together with the chief came and demanded to speak to Makapalla.They were armed with sticks and knobkerries. Pali asked them to speak to him but they began attacking him, he sustained injuries on the face and body.

Sechaba Pali says that he could not get medical attention in the Mountain Kingdom forcing him to drive more than 150km to Botshabelo, near Bloemfontein.

There he was allegedly also sent away because the nurses said he needed to report the matter to the police. When he got to a police station in Botshabelo, he said he was told to report the crime in Lesotho.

They returned to Lesotho, got a police form and went to Queen IIHospital in Maseru. An official who was meant to assist with the form was allegedly not at work, forcing them to drive back to SA without being attended to again.

Sechaba Pali Photo

Sechaba Pali Singing

Sechaba Pali Singing

Sechaba Padi Songs

  • Hanthe Jeso
  • Ke Matla
  • Lona Baratang
  • Mina ngiyalibona
  • Khetha Eyakho
  • Eloyi
  • Thapelo
  • Wozani
  • Abanomona
  • uJehova
  • Alikho iThemba
  • Siyakudumisa
  • Kuwe baba
  • Ha Ayo
  • Lehodimong
  • Mangihamba Nawe
  • Ntataise
  • Gee my water
  • Sikwenza Mkhulu
  • Holokile
  • Lefu La Hae
  • Yekintokozo
  • Bonang Suna
  • Liphi ‘Elinye Igama
  • Halleluja
  • Kidumetsi
  • Ngimbone Yena
  • Mongadi
  • Ke Madi
  • Ntate Ke Ho Tshepile
  • Ons Kom Van Ver Af
  • Lapa ukhona

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