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Ali Mohamed Shein

Ali Mohamed Shein  Tanzania Biography

Ali Mohamed Shein completed his secondary education at Lumumba College, Zanzibar. In 1969–1970 he joined Preparatory Faculty, Voronezh State University, USSR for “A” Level High Education before he took an undergraduate course from 1970–1975 at Odessa State University, USSR 1984–1988. Dr. Shein attained A Master of Science in Medical Biochemistry at the Medical School University of Newcastle England, U.K. Dr.Shein was awarded Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Clinical Biochemistry and Metabolic Medicine, specializing in “Inborn Errors of Metabolism”. He completed a course in HIV/AIDS in Developing Countries at the University of East Anglia in 1995.

Ali Mohamed Shein worked as a Clerk at the Ministry of Education and Assistant to the Deputy Principal Secretary from May 1969 – September 1969. In 1976–1984 he was Head of the Department of Diagnosis and the Department of Patgy at the Ministry of Health. He was also Specialist in Diagnosis and Head of the Department of Pathology, Ministry of Health from 1989–1991. From Nov. 1991 – July 1995 Dr.Shein served as a Programme Manager, AIDS Prevention Project at the Ministry of Health, and Advisor to the Ministry on Laboratory Services and Diagnosis. Dr. Shein was appointed by the President of Zanzibar to be Member of the House of Representatives on 29 October 1995. He was then appointed Deputy Minister of Health on 12 November 1995.From 6 November 2000 he was Member of the House of Representatives at Mkanyageni Constituency in Zanzibar before appointed to be a Minister of State, President’s Office, Constitution and Good Governance in Zanzibar on 22 November 2000 and later on Vice President of Tanzania July 2001.

Ali Mohamed Shein Tanzania Political career

1966 – Member of Afro Shiraz Party Youth League- A.S.P.Y.L. Jan. – Dec. 1969 – Publicity Secretary, A.S.P.Y.L., Lumumba College 1968 – A.S.P.Y.L. Secretary, Zanzibar Secondary School. 1969 – Member of the Afro Shiraz Party. Dr Ali Mohamed Shein has been nominated by the ruling party CCM on 9 July 2010 as a presidential candicate for CCM in Zanzibar.Ali Mohamed Shein got 117 votes while Dr Bilali and Vuai Nahodha got 54 and 33 respectively and was elected a new president of Zanzibar and the only one from Pemba Island by 50.1% on 31 October 2010.

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Ali Mohamed Shein

Ali Mohamed Shein