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Hamisa Mobeto Biography, Diamond Platnumz, Son, Daughter

Hamisa Mobeto Biography

Hamisa Mobeto was born in December 1994 in Tanzania. She is a Tanzanian model and Video vixen who is popularly known for her drama with bongo flava musician Diamond Platinumz who is the father of her son.

Hamisa Mobeto Age

  • She was born in December 1994 (23 years as at 2017)

Hamisa Mobeto Education Background

She attended Mabatini Primary school in Tandika for her primary school education and later attended St. Kayumba for her secondary education.

Career in modelling

In 2010 she started her modelling career in a competition at a school bash- Miss XXL which was prepared by XXL crew of Clouds Radio Media. She won the competition and was crowned as Miss XXL.

In 2011 Hamisa Mobeto participate on Miss Indian Ocean 2011, on that event Hamisa Mobeto succeded to be Miss Indian Ocean Number 2,and in the same Year of 2011 Hamisa Mobeto succeed to become Miss Kinondoni Number 2, which Made her to go direct to competition of Miss Tanzania 2011 but she did not win.

In 2012 Hamisa Mobeto participate on Miss university Africa, and she succeed to enter up to top 10.

Hamisa Mobeto and Diamond

Hamisa Mobeto first appeared in Diamond’s hit song ‘Salome’ as a video vixen. It was revealed later that she was pregnant with Diamond’s baby which Diamond denied. After the birth of her son who she named Abdulatifah Naseeb Diamond came to clear the air and admitted to being the father of her son.

She got pregnant in November 2016. During an interview with Clouds TV’s Soudy Brown on Sunday October 15th 2017 Hamisa revealed that she has been romantically involved with diamond for 9 years and the birth of their child was no accident as they had planned to have a child together.

Hamisa also revealed that Diamond named their son Abdullatiff before he was born. She explains that the singer wanted his son’s name to sound like Latifa (Diamond’s daughter with Zari Hassan). Mobeto claims that Diamond changed the name after news broke that he had impregnated her. She says Diamond renamed their son Dyallan.

Hamisa Sues Diamond for child upkeep

Hamisa sued Diamond for child support and his failure to apologise for defamatory comments he made against her during a live radio interview on Clouds FM, when he broke the news that he had fathered a son with the model behind his wife’s back.

According to the charges, Hamisa accused Diamond of not providing for his son for close to two months.Hamisa demanded a monthly upkeep of Sh230,000.

This is contrary to Diamonds’ version of the story when he confessed to being the father of the son on radio, where he claimed that he has been supporting his son since conception by providing daily upkeep of Tsh70, 000 (Sh3,131) as well as buying Hamisa a brand new Toyota Rav 4 worth Tsh20 million (Sh895, 301) to ease her movements.

The model goes further to accuse the crooner of belittling her by using defamatory words while addressing their once secret affair, something she says has portrayed her in bad light in the eyes of the public.

In November 2017 the case was dismissed by Resident Magistrate Kisoka after Diamond’s lawyer argued that she Hamisa had filed the case using the wrong Child’s Act prescription. Diamond also argued that he has been supporting his son adequately and that the amount Hamisa was asking is way above what he could afford.

Hamisa Mobeto Son

  • Her son Abdulatifah Naseeb Juma was born on 8th August 2017.

Hamisa Mobeto Daughter

  • She has a daughter, Fantasy, born in 2014.
Hamisa Mobeto Daughter

Hamisa Mobeto Daughter


Hamisa Mobeto

Hamisa Mobeto