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Jokate Mwegelo Biography, Filmography, Boyfriend

Jokate Mwegelo Biography

Jokate Mwegelo was born on 20th March 1987 in Washington, D.C. She is a Tanzanian actress, entrepreneur, host and singer. She is the CEO of Kidoti Company. In 2006 she was the first runners up in the Miss Tanzania beauty contest.

Jokate Mwegelo Early Life and Education Background

She was born in Washington,D.C, where her parents worked but was raised in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. She started primary school at Olympio Primary School and attended St. Anthony High School, graduating from Loyola High School, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. She attended the University of Dar Es Salaam, where she graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in political science and philosophy.

Jokate Mwegelo Miss Tanzania 2006

She was first runner up in the Miss Tanzania beauty contest. She was also named Redds fashion ambassador and Citizen newspaper ambassador, after receiving the most votes that year. Before Miss Tanzania, she competed in Miss Kurasini 2006, which she won, advancing to the Miss Temeke 2006 contest, which she also won.

Jokate Mwegelo Movies and TV Shows

  • 2007: Fake Pastors
  • 2008: From China with Love
  • 2011: Chumo
  • 2014: Mikono Salama
  • 2013- 2014: Siri ya Mtungi season 2.

Jokate Kidoti

She is the founder of Kidoti Company, a lifestyle brand which designs and manufactures synthetic hair extensions, sandals and bags. To establish the company she used her personal savings and a soft loan from Africa’s youngest billionaire Mohammed Dewji.She approached Dewji for finance. He gave them items from his company to sell, which they used to buy their first van.

She launched ‘Be Kidotified’ a campaign which empowers young girls by building sports facilities in public schools, and promoting education and entrepreneurship. She also launched ‘Msusi Wao’, translated ‘their hairstylist’, which connects hairdressers, financiers and customers.

Jokate Mwegelo Career in music

She was featured in Japo Nafasi by Cpwaa and with A.Y. (musician) in Kings and Queen, with Amani (musician), from Kenya. In 2013, she released a song with Lucci, called ‘Kaka na Dada’. In 2015 She dropped her other song called ‘Leo’ Featuring Ice Prince from Nigeria

Career in Hosting

In 2008 and 2010 she was the host of the Tanzania Music Awards.

In 2011 she hosted ‘Top Ten Most’,on Channel ‘O’ with Denrele Edun from Nigeria. She also the red
carpet host at Channel O Music Video Awards in 2011, held in Sandton Convention Centre, in Sandton South Africa.

In 2013 she hosted ‘Top Ten Most’,on Channel ‘O’ with Ice Prince. The same year she was the red
carpet host for the 2013 Kilimanjaro Tanzania Music Awards, with Millard Ayo. She also hosted the KTMA social media lounge, with the Sam Misago.

In 2014 she hosted ‘Beat the challenge’ on ‘Maisha Magic’ with Ugandan host Gaetano Kagwa. In 2015 she hosted Mashariki Max on ‘Star Times’ with Kenyan actress Sarah Hassan. She also hosted the Kilimanjaro Tanzania Music Awards Social Media Lounge.

Jokate Mwegelo Awards

  • 2008: Sexiest Girl during Ijumaa Sexiest Girl
  • 2011: Best Actress (Chumo) at Zanzibar International Film Festival
  • 2013: Female Stylish Personality Award, Swahili Fashion Week Awards
  • 2013: Fashion Category, Under30 Youth Awards
  • 2015: Best Actress Swahili Films (Mikono Salama), Zanzibar International Film Festival.
  • 2015: Baileys Female Stylish Personality, Swahili Fashion Week Awards
  • 2017: Business Innovation, Clouds Fm Malkia Wa Nguvu Awards

Jokate Kidot and Alikiba

Jokate and Alikiba dated but they broke up in 2016. Tanzanian media claim that the couple called it quit
after Jokate had a miscarriage. According to a source that told ‘Ijumaa’ Alikiba felt that he had ben duped about Jokate’s miscarriage. He felt that Jokate wasn’t ready to be called a mother.

” That’s the main reason of their disagreement , besides others such as religious differences and Jokate’s parents disapproving of the couple’s relationship. Meeting between kinsmen of the pair is ongoing, but it seems Ali Kiba has made up his mind” said an insider.

When the outlet reached out to Jokate for comment, she said; “Kindly leave me alone! I don’t want to talk about Ali Kiba at all”

In an interview with ‘Risasi’ Ali Kiba said he’s not in a position to address the break up rumours

‘Honestly, I won’t open up about the issue.I consider it private.I don’t see the benefit of opening up about non-beneficial matters. Everything has its boundaries.” He said.

Jokate Mwegelo and Diamond

Jokate and Diamond used to date but they broke up in 2013 after the union was disrupted by incest allegations, It was alleged that they were relatives and they were forced to call it off.

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Jokate Mwegelo

Jokate Mwegelo