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Peter Msechu Biography, Songs and Family

Peter Msechu  Biography

Peter Msechu was born in 1988 in Kigoma region, in the northern part of Tanzania. He is a Tanzanian musician who was the first runners up in Tusker project fame in 2010.

Peter Msechu Music Career

At the age of 10 his father took him to join Kigoma Lutheran Church Choir, where at the time his father was the choir teacher. In 2009 he auditioned in Bongo Star Search (BSS), a weekly TV talent competition. He faced many challenges as his experience was limited to choir singing whilst fellow contestants were singing a range of popular music styles.

After delivering his own first composition, feedback from the judges (Madam Rita, Salama Jabir, P Funk and Master J) helped Msechu to find a new confidence. He changed tactics, started reinterpreting old hits with energetic performances. He quickly developed a wide fan base of young Tanzanians and he came in at number two.Within months he had released two major hits, “Hasira Hasara” and “Relax” (collaborating with Kenya-based Burundian musician Kidumu).

Peter Msechu Songs

  • Nyota
  • Hasira Hasara
  • Relax
  • Msengenyo
  • Nyota ya Samboira
  • Malava
  • Unaniumiza Roho
  • Kumbe
  • Nikumbatie
  • Sofia
  • Mama
  • Majaribu
  • Kibudu
  • Kenya Itadumu

Peter Msechu  Tusker Project Fame

In 2010 he joined ‘Tusker Project Fame’ which saw him accumulated more fans throughout East Africa. For this competition, Msechu chose classics by legendary African musicians including Oliver Mtukudzi, the late Marijani Rajab and Mbaraka Mwinshehe, and mixed these with new beats. Ultimately he came in again at number two, with an even greater confidence and resolve to pursue his career in music.

Peter Msechu Awards

  • 2009 first runner up in BONGO STAR SEARCH (TANZANIA)
  • 2010 first runner up in TUSKER PROJECT FAME (KENYA)
  • 2011 One of the winner in TUSKER ALLSTARS (KENYA)

Peter Msechu Family; Wife and Daughter

Peter Msechu and his wife ‘Mama Lolo’ met in 2002 and he credits her for his career in music since she is the one who told him to audition for Bongo Star Search.

‘ It is the same woman who told me.’ my love, Bongo Star Search (BSS) singing competition will be held in Kigoma. If you’d manage to complete your form six exams, you can go try your luck. I know you sing very well in church. After she’d informed me about BSS, i only answered one compulsory question in my Economics Paper 2. I then left immediately for Tanga. It is because of ‘Mama Lolo’ I auditioned and realised my talent in music; a career which brings food on the table to date’

He has a daughter Lauren Peter Msechu.


Peter Msechu

Peter Msechu