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Rose Muhando Biography, Songs, Children, Husband, Awards

Rose Muhando Biography

Rose Muhando was born in 1975 in Dumila village, Kilosa District in Tanzania. She is a Tanzanian gospel musician she is popularly known for her hit song ‘Nibebe’.

Rose Muhando Early Life and Career

Rose Muhando grew up as a muslim and attended Madrasa- muslim religious studies after school. She developed a mysterious disease and was bed ridden for three years. While sick she claims that she saw a vision of Jesus Christ who healed her. She claims that the voice said,

‘I am Jesus, I have healed you wake up and go serve me’ and she miraculously healed. She converted from Islam to Christianity.

When she narrated her healing story to their family friend and neighbor who was an Anglican, they took her to church and she was baptised on Easter Friday. She joined the church choir, Mama Joshi in Majengo, where she composed and taught the choir new songs.

In 2003 Chimuli Anglican Church invited her to Dodoma where she recorded an album with the St Marya’s Choir. In the same years under the sponsorship of Nathan Wami she recorded her first album ‘Mteule Uwe Macho’

On February 2011 she signed multi album recording deal with Sony Music. The signing was announced at a press conference in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.




Rose Muhando Songs

1. Yesu Nakupenda
2. Nakuuliza Shetani
3. Mwambieni Mungu
4. Wololo
5. Nibebe
6. Nakaza Mwendo
7. Eeh! Bethelem
8. Akina Mama
9. Nyota Ya Ajabu
10. Nipe Uvumilivu
11. Niangalieni Mimi
12. Utaiitwa Mbarikiwa
13. Nije Vipi
14. Wambea Nao
15. Mungu Kwetu
16. Mteule Uwe Macho
17. Yerusalem
20. Uinuliwe Baba
22. Anakuja Kwa Jina La Bwana
23. Amezaliwa Horini
24. Nalegea
29. Kweli Pasipo Maono
30. Hongera Kina Mama
31. Mungu Aidhirishwe
34. Ndivyo Ulivyo
35. Yerusalemu
36. Utamu Wa Yesu
37. Jipange Sawa Sawa
38. Tabu Zangu (feat. Anastadhia)
39. Moyo Wangu
40. Jerusalem
41. Jiwe
42. Mungu Gani?
43. Uko Juu Sana
44. Uwe Macho
45. Kitimutimu
46. Jipange Sawasawa
47. Kina Mama
48. Mungu Wangu nitakushukuru
49. Kuna Mambo
50. Ni Majira Ya Jioni

Rose Muhando Awards

  • 2005: Best Female Vocalist, Tanzania Music Awards.
  • 2005: Best Religious Song, Mteule uwe macho, Tanzania Music Awards.
  • 2009: The Best Tanzanian Gospel Singer Awards
  • 2009: The Best Singer in Tanzania, awarded Tsh 200, 000 by Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation TBC under the Umbrella of her song called ‘Nibebe’
  • 2008: Best Female Gospel Artist in Africa, Kenya Groove Awards.
  • 2017: Best Selling Singer of all Time in Africa, Msama Video Promotions.
  • 2014: She was awarded by the Africa Graduate University with a certificate to recognise the great job she has been doing in preaching peace and togetherness through her music.

Rose Muhando Children

Rose Muhando is a mother of three children.

Rose Muhando Husband/ Wedding

Rose Muhando is not married. She vows never to get married as her aim is to only serve God.

Rose Muhando Death

Rumours have been rife that Tanzanian gospel singer Rose Muhando is about to breathe her last. It is also alleged she is deep into drugs. Speaking to Heads Up, Rose has denied the rumours.

“I am very healthy and going about my life. Tanzanian media is determined to tarnish my name and I don’t know why. I have even been attending meetings and working on my comeback,” she said.

Muhando disclosed that she had contracted a ‘strange illness’ and promised to make it public once the diagnosis was out.

“I was suffering from a strange disease that caused my legs to swell for three months. I will bring evidence from the doctor for you to understand that I’m not 18,” she said.


Rose Muhando

Rose Muhando

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