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Health in Uganda

Health in Uganda Health in Uganda refers to the health of the population of Uganda. As of 2013, life expectancy at birth in Uganda was 58 years, which was lower than in any other country in the East African Community except Burundi. As of 2015, the probability of a child dying before reaching age five […]

Child Labour in Uganda

Child Labour in Uganda

Child Labour in Uganda Child Labour All about Child Labour in Uganda, Child Labour and Labour Laws in Uganda, Child Labour and Wages and Laws and more on Mywage Uganda. Complete our Salary Survey and Win a Wage! What age defines a child in Uganda? A child in Uganda’s Constitution is defined as any person […]

uganda poverty statistics

uganda poverty statistics What is poverty? Poverty is the lack or insufficiency of money to meet basic needs, including food, clothing and shelter. Poverty can be measured in monetary terms based on the monthly (or annual) expenditure of a given individual. That expenditure is then compared to a threshold called the poverty line. However, poverty […]

Best A Level Schools in Uganda

Best A Level Schools in Uganda

o help guide parents and students on the best A-Level schools as per their performance in the previous four years and university intake thereafter, Daily Monitor has conducted a spontaneous survey looking at their percentage of A scores by all the sitting students in selected years but also the best scores of A to C between 2012 and 2015.

Law Schools in Uganda

This is a list of institutions offering law courses in Uganda

The table below lists the accredited, law schools in Uganda, as at October 2014[…]

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